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Brand New Photos

08 Oct 2014

Brand new photos of the Dream Collection

A range of our products has had a new photoshoot showcasing their extraordinary design and functionality. The featured image shows the Dream Light 500 Dia, a luxury circular rainfall wetroom head designed to make a statement.

Entering the Blogosphere

19 May 2014

We have now entered the world of blogging

Smart Showers is on Tumblr posting weekly blogs on the bathroom industry, the latest trends, and design ideas. So, if you're looking for some inspiration for your bathroom, simply head straight to our blog page where we talk about colour schemes, decor, accessories, plants, storage, tiling, texture and lots more.

As well as that, we also discuss how to get that luxurious hotel shower experience (it's all about getting the pressure right) and how to translate the latest bathroom innovations and trends into a style that suits you.

Two bathroom innovations that everyone should take notice of are chromotherapy and aqua sound. The latter allows you the freedom to listen to your favourite music in the shower via a simple Bluetooth connection. The former is an ancient form of mood enhancement that has been used by shower manufacturers to create a shower space that is both uplifting and warming. Small, coloured lights are installed into the shower head that bask you in colour, an experience said to have tremendous health benefits.

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